Vinko is a mobile app allowing users, connected through Facebook, to predict sports matches winners and final scores, to compare their results with their friends and to share the results on Facebook and Twitter. The objective is to improve the fan experience and the interest for professional sports.



Vinko (vinco is latin for ‘winning’) is designed to connect the fans to their favourite sports and to engage them into matches. It allows its users, connected through their Facebook account, to make predictions on hockey games and to share those predictions on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The app allows users to: predict the final score of sporting events, share their prediction, see their personal statistics (accuracy, points, percentile vs. all other users), see standings comparing their accuracy to their friends’ and share their statistics and standings.

First Version

A beta version of the app was launched in November 2014 as a hockey-only service allowing users located in Canada to predict the Montreal team scores (Appendix). With little resources to complete the launch, the success was limited. However, it allowed the partners to understand the importance of social media presence to create a significant user base.

Objectives and Mission

After the first launch, the team decided to come back again with an improved solution and, more importantly, an improved launching strategy. The objective is now to add options to the app to allow Canadians to predict games final scores of the four main sports leagues (hockey, football, soccer and baseball) for all Canadian teams, not only Montreal.


Bachelor of Software Engineering obtained in May 2019 at McGill University.

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